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1 Thf C(hunghua University, Wuchang 2 The uusih Middle School, Kiangsu 3 The fiangsu Marne Products College, Woosung 4 The China National University, Woosung 5 Tsmgtao Umnversity 6 The Weihaiwel Middle School 7 The School for Overseas Chinese 8 The Nankai University, Tien-tsi 9 The Tlen tsm Anglo-Chinese Collegt 10 The University of Hong Kong 11 The Yenchig School of Chinese Studifl 12 The Klangsu Provincial Sooehow Technical School 13 The VVusih Technical School 14 Medhurst College, Shanghai 15 Shansl University, Taiyuan 16 The Central China University, Wuchang 17 I Fang Collegiate School for Girls, Changsha (see Delegation's Report, Part X (mi)) (As m the case of the list of medical institutions in (B) of this appendix, thlb lst of educational institutions merely consists of those which have applied for financial assistance, and is obviously not comprehensive ) 1 Chunghua Unrversity, Wuchang, Hupeh This university was visited by the delegates on the 81st March It was founded m 1911, a few months before the outbreak of the revolution, by Mr S K Ohen There is a large staff of professors and lecturers It comprises a primary school (with 121 pupils), a middle school (1,600 pupils) and a college (with 380 students) The pupils and students come from thirteen provinces, including the most remote, such as Kirn, Shensi and the Canton Province Its resources consist of an annual subsidy from the Provincial Government (81,000 dollars), tuition fees (38,000 dollars) and interest from an endowment fund (6,000 dollars) This total income of 75,000 dollars i, exceeded by the annual expenditure to the extent of 11,000 dollars, for which the President (now Mr Shiuchen S Chen) is responsible The cost of the erection of new buildings (on a site given by the gentry of Wuchang) and that of maintenance and repairng of the old buildmg are estimated at 120,000 dollars, which is being raised by the President, the Board or firustees and the Alumm It is hoped to establish buildings for a college of applied science and a college of medicinme on the new site, and for a college of commerce in Hankow Of special interest is the information which has been supphed to the delegates with regard to the professions and occupations followed by the 2,708 graduates of the university No less than 87 per cent proceeded to other colleges, either in China or abroad, to complete their education, 21 per cent have devoted themselves to educational work, 7 per cent are lawyers, 6 per cent are m the Government cvil servie, 6 per cent are m the army, 5 per cent are described as 'legislators,' asd 2 per eent are bankers Eight per cent are stated to he ' without defirnte oooupatin.'

2 Wus;h Middle School, Kuangau This school apphed, through its principal, for a grant of 20,000 dollars for building a new dormitors, and an annual subsidy of 10,000 dollars for thi extension of the hbrary and science laboratories It also asked for an endow ment for three scholarships, tenable m Great Britan 8 The Kiangsu Marnne Products College, Woosung Mr C H Hou, acting president of the Kiangsu Marine Products College at Woosung, near Shanghai, called the attention of the delegation to the work done by this institution He explained that it offered instruction m fisheries navigation and food technology, and was the highest educational insttution of its kind m China It was founded by Mr Chang Clhen of Nantungehow and had been m existence about twenty years Expansion and reforms in various directions were greatly needed, but all developments were hampered through lack of funds The people dependent on the fishing industry in China were very numerous and the improvement of their industry and the con ditions under which they lived and worked would promote their efficlency and well-being, and be of benefit to China as a whole With financial assistance, the college would be able to found an institute of oceanography, and hoped to acquire a ship for survey purposes Very little had yet been done m research work with regard to the investigation of the temperature, salinity, currents and biology of this side of the Pacific It was also hoped to establish an aquarium for the exhibition and study of the aquatic plants and animals of the Far East, and for the improvement of the existing methods of food pro duction and manufacture Mr Hou believed that an appropriation of from 5 to 10 per cent of the available funds could be well spent m educational and research work m fisheries, navigation and food technology, and he expressed the hope that the delegation would consider the possibility of providing the necessary funds Perhaps, however, a good deal of the research worL under taken by this college might be entrusted to the Research Institute (Report,

Part VIII) The ' Bulletin of Information ' (1926), m Chinese and English, relating to the work of the Marine Products College, is among the papers and docu ments in the hands of the delegation and available for future use 4 The China National University, Woosung Forts, near Shanghai This university (a private instituton) is an applicant for subsidies from the Indemnity fund m aid of certain branches of its work It was founded m 1905 as a higher normal school and middle school In 1912 it was reorgamsed and became a college, with departments of political science, economics, law and commerce In October 1922 a decree of the Board of Education elevated it to the status of a umverslty, and it was endowed by Government with a fund of 1 million dollars m national bonds At present it devotes special attention to its college of commerce and its school of economics and political science Its buildmgs will accommodate 700 students, and it possesses land and buldings to the estimated value of 500,000 dollars The students have been drawn from every province m China, and it is co-educational Its supporters describe it as 'really a China m miniature ' It has started a bureau of research in statistics and economics, and the information it collects is...

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