A Plea for Help from Hunan Lawyer Cai Ying’s Family

On the evening of July 31, the Procuratorate called to notify us family members: Cai Ying was suspected of “bribery,” and the case has been opened for investigation. He is under surveillance in a designated residence.

What cannot but hurt us is that in the past three months, the object of Cai Ying’s “bribery” and basic facts have yielded no evidence.
According to our understanding, the procuratorate opened a case against Cai Ying due tosomeone ’s “ report” ,” despite absence of evidence. Yiyang City Procuratorate Deputy Chief Procurator, Zhang Yexi, acted on behalf of Tian Zhengsheng (Original legal person of Yiyang City Hongye Real Estate Development Limited Corporation, who informed against Cai Ying, and has twice been convicted of crimes). At that time, he “surmised” that Cai Ying “had certainly bribed the judge handling a case, and thereby won the lawsuit that year.” This was clearly a matter of the procuratorate having someone act on Tian Zhengsheng’s behalf to retaliate against Cai Ying.
Cai Ying is jailed in “Yuanjiang Haomen Hotel” where is a specified place for the CCP Yuanjiang Discipline Inspection Commission to investigate “Shuanggui” (a form of extralegal detention by Party disciplinary bodies.) suspects. It was said that Cai Ying is under residential surveillance, however, family members and lawyer both are unable to meet him, Cai was monitored by procuratorate twenty-four hours a day.
During the end of August, Cai Ying, who is over 50 years old, experienced internal bleeding. In mid-September, family members sent Cai Ying’s clothing to him, but the next day, they received notice that the clothing was too big. The family members estimated that Cai Ying is 1.75 meters tall, and the normally robust Cai Ying must now beunsuitably skinny.
According to a lawyer’s reflections on the “Cai Ying Case” being treated as a joint investigation, in the month and a half that Cai Ying has been in custody, the procuratorate has been unable to unearth any “bribery” in its investigation, and so has concentrated its energies on investigating all of the court cases...

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