AuthorWang Chen and Hadas Peled
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Tsinghua China Law
Volume 8 Fall 2015
Number 1
This year marks the 20th anniversary of the re-establishment of
the Tsinghua University School of Law. This issue reflects both the
dynamism and the development of the Chinese legal system and our
School of Law.
In Towards a Unified Court System: A Comparison between New
York State Courts and Chinese Courts, Honorable Justice Jonathan
Lippman, the Chief Judge of the State of New York and Chief Judge
of the New York Court of Appeals (2009-2015), draws from New
York’s and his own personal experience with reorganizing and
strengthening the judiciary and the justice system, providing
illuminating lessons for Chinese court reformers. This is a timely
article as the Chinese court system is undergoing major reforms
pursuant to the Chinese Communist Party Central Committee
Decision Concerning Some Major Questions in Comprehensively
Promoting Governing the Country According to Law.
In Regulation of Digital Financial Services in China: Last Mover
Advantage?, Messrs. Zhou, Arner and Buckley combine their
scholarly research and practice experience to analyze the forefront of
regulations on digital financial services and financial technology.
The article reflects the long march that the Chinese legal system and
economy made during the reform era – concluding that China can be
considered a leader of this field.
In Five Lectures on the Common Law with Comparative
Reference to the Law in China, scholars Godwin, Tan, Davies, Gans,
and Simons expound on the development, features, and application
of their respective expertise in the Common Law while providing a
comparative reference to the law in China. The essay, based on
lectures presented at Tsinghua Law School, reminds us the
importance of basic features across legal systems.
In American Legal Education, Skills Training, and Transnational
Legal Practice: Combining Dao and Shu for the Global Practitioner,
scholars Simons and McGuiness discuss the vanguard of global legal
education. The law professors share their insights following a
conference held on October 2015 in Tsinghua as part of its 20th

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