AuthorWang Chen and Hadas Peled
Tsinghua China Law Review
Volume 8 Spring 2016 Number 2
Tsinghua China Law Review Spring 2016 Issue aims to provide
our readers with a spectrum view on contemporary developments
and enduring questions in the research of Chinese law. The authors
contributing to this issue represent diverse academic and professional
backgrounds, sharing their fascination regarding the developments of
the legal system in China.
In The Making and the Structure of the 1982 Constitution of
China, Professor Zhai Zhiyong, an authoritative constitutional voice
from Beihang University School of Law, examines the 1982
Constitution from a historical perspective. His study of the interplay
between sovereign power and constitutionalism illuminates the
subtle differences between the principle of representation and
principle of leadership in Chinese constitutional law.
In Legal Implications of the Deepened Reform of Chinese
State-Owned Enterprises: What Can Be Expected from Recent
Reforms?, Che Luyao, a Ph.D. candidate from the University of
Nottingham, analyzes the trends of transformation of state-owned
enterprises (“SOEs”) following recent reforms and their possible
impact on China’s participation in the international economic legal
order. This timely research has been awarded with the Tsinghua
China Law Review Award of Excellence in Academic Research for
this Spring Issue. Che’s research synthesizes the study of
international economic law and the recent reforms jointly announced
by the Chinese Communist Party and the State Council of China.
The Proposed Amendments to China’s AUCL Commercial
Bribery Provisions: Comments and Suggestions offers detailed
analysis of the proposed commercial bribery provisions as specified
in the draft anti-unfair competition law. Professor William Rosoff, a
leading experienced international practitioner and the managing
partner of the Beijing Office of Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld
LLP, and their promising associate, Jiang Jingli, have graciously
acceded to TCLR’s request to share with our readers their insightful
perspective on the proposed draft adding their comparative American
law comprehension.
Messer Jacob Blacklock and his colleagues from Lehman, Lee &
Xu LLP present Practitioners’ Perspective on Advances in China’s
Judicial Reform. The authors have graciously acceded to TCLR’s
request to present their comprehensive observations on the reforms
that have been announced and implemented in China’s judiciary

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