AuthorZhang Zhaohan and Fu Shuning
Tsinghua China Law Review
Volume 10 Fall 2017 Number 1
The Fall 2017 Issue of the Tsinghua China Law Review provides
readers with a variety of perspectives on the past, present and future
of China’s law, legal economy, and society. Articles are elaborately
selected, covering such topics as the conditions or remedies in
Chinese merger approvals, the Chinese arbitration system, and the
auction promotion institution in Chinese takeover law, the prospect
of a rape shield law, and the late Qing Constitutional Reform. The
authors contributing to this issue represent diverse academic
backgrounds, and have abundant insights to share.
We wish to express our heartfelt appreciation to all of our fellow
editors who have devoted tremendous amounts of time and effort to
the publication of this issue.
We are deeply grateful to our supervisor, Professor Gao Simin,
for her continuous support and guidance.
We owe an important debt of gratitude to our faculty leader, Dean
Shen Weixing, who has always provided us with the utmost support,
tolerance, and encouragement.
Special thanks go to the Chow Tai Fook Charity Foundation [
 !] and the Tsinghua University
Humanities and Social Sciences Development Initiative [
"] for their generous financial support for this
Zhang Zhaohan & Fu Shuning
* * *

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