AuthorZhang Zhaohan and Fu Shuning
Tsinghua China Law Review
Volume 10 Spring 2018 Number 2
The Spring 2018 Issue of the Tsinghua China Law Review
provides readers with insight into the past, present and future of
China’s rule of law from economic and societal perspectives. The
five carefully-selected articles cover such areas of law as trade,
cross-border investment, intellectual property, takeover and
environmental protection.
With de-globalization trends occurring in recent years, it is of
great significance to reflect upon issues in the realm of international
economic law. This issue has selected three inspiring articles written
by scholars from the Faculty of Law, University of New South Wales
following the Tsinghua-UNSW Workshop 2017.
In Divergence, Convergence or Crossvergence of Chinese and
U.S. Approaches to Regional Integration: Evolving Trajectories and
Their Implications, WANG Heng analyses the question of whether
Chinese and U.S. trade approaches will converge, diverge or both,
and discusses the reasons for such trends. The article states that
Chinese and U.S. trade approaches are likely to demonstrate both
divergence and convergence, leading to crossvergence. Divergence
can be found in fundamental areas, especially the approaches to
regionalism and multilateralism. Convergence occurs only in
selected areas such as investment and intellectual property.
Uncertainties exist since both the Belt and Road Initiative and trade
policies of the Trump Administration are under development. The
interaction between Chinese and U.S. approaches will affect the
shaping of the international economic legal order.
In China’s Investment in Australia: A Critical Analysis of
Australia’s Foreign Investment Review Mechanism, JIANG Huiqin
and ZHOU Weihuan analyze Australia’s foreign investment review
mechanism and its central element, the Foreign Investment Review
Board process. The authors argue that four factors about the
mechanism may remain as barriers to Chinese investment in
Australia following the establishment of the China-Australia Free
Trade Agreement, and provide suggestions for Chinese investors and
the Chinese government.

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