Supervision Paired with Innovation: The New Vaccine Administration Law

AuthorSong Jinyang
SONG Jinyang
After the recent vaccine scandal, where Changchun Changsheng,
a Jilin-based biotechnology company produced nearly 500,000
substandard diphtheria, pertussis and tetanus (DPT) vaccines 1
rendered the country in the grip of nationwide concern for vaccine
safety, the central government proposed a separate legislation for
vaccine administration to ensure the authority and stability of
vaccine supervision.2 The Vaccine Administration Law (hereinafter
referred to as VAL) has recently been promulgated at the 11th
meeting of the Standing Committee of the 13th Session of the
National People’s Congress.3
Before this separate vaccine administration law was enacted, the
administration and supervision of vaccines are largely dependent on
general drug administration laws such as Drug Administration Law4
and product standards such as Good Manufacturing Practice for
Drugs (2010 Revision). The State Council amended the Regulation
on the Administration of Circulation and Vaccination of Vaccines
(hereinafter referred to as “2016 Vaccine Regulation”)5, in response
to the 2016 vaccine scandal where the vaccine delivery in several
provinces failed to meet the low-temperature requirements. 6
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5 Yimiao Liutong he Yufangjiezhong Guanli Tiaoli (疫苗流通和预防接种 管理条例) [Regulation
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